The Radial Range- The radial tires are designed to ensure you get the Power of C-T-R, i.e. Low compaction, High Traction and High Road-ability. Aimed to give you an all-round performance and peace of mind. Due to their flexible sidewalls, superior construction, higher tread arc width & higher inner tyre volume, our radial tires help reduce soil compaction. Their dual lug angle design with more lug overlap gives it superior traction and better roadabilty. These radial tIres are manufactured in our state of the art plant where world class technology meets TQM processes and evolved Self Managed Teams.

The Bias range- The high traction farm & agriculture vehicle front and rear bias tires are developed for mighty performance over hard and black soil for sturdy crop that leaves behind strong stubbles. Properties of self-cleaning, improved puncture resistance and longer tire life assures farmers of a tension free usage. Working on fields across the world, our Bias tires come in 4 ranges to suit different terrains

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